Four’N Twenty Just Launched A Vegemite Pie

Four’N Twenty Just Launched A Vegemite Pie

OK Australia, we get it. People like Vegemite. But do you have to go and put it into everything? Is nothing sacred? Even the humble meat pie is getting its share of the savoury paste come Monday, with Four’N Twenty releasing a limited edition beef, cheese and Vegemite product to appease carnivorous yeast lovers.

The pie’s release will celebrate two things, writes Abigail Dawson over at Mumbrella: Four’N Twenty’s 70th birthday and the return of Vegemite to Australian ownership, with Bega snapping up the brand back in January.

If you want to pick some up, they’ll be on sale starting from today. No word on how long they’ll be around… I guess that depends on how good they are.

Disgusting or delicious… I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

[Via Mumbrella]


  • We in the U.S. , of course, think Vegemite is the most disgusting thing ever. However, I always use some in soups and stews for extra depth of flavour. After Chocolate and Vegemite, this has to be better.

    • Most Americans i have seen try Vegemite smear it on break like peanut butter, majority of Aussies don’t even have it that thick.

      Best way is to have a thin layer on hot toast with melted butter, on crumpets and the humble cheese and vegemite toasty are pretty good options too.

  • Vegemite is a great source of umami.

    I always add some to beef curries or chillies.

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