Junk Food Face Off: Doughnut Vs Pizza!

It’s the ultimate junk food face-off! In the red corner: a Maple-glazed fried doughnut. In the blue corer: a big, fat slice of New York-style pizza. There can only be one winner.

The doughnut was purportedly invented by Dutch settlers in North America sometime in the 19th century, with the distinctive hole appearing a few years later. It swiftly became one of the most popular confectionery snacks in the western world.

The traditional pizza originated in Naples, Italy sometime in the 18th or early 19th century. Italian immigrants introduced pizza to other nations, helping it to become one of the most popular dishes in existence.

But which is best? Our colleagues in the US recently conducted a taste test to find out. You can view the results in the video below:

The ultimate life hack is deciding which foods can compete with a doughnut. Welcome to Doughnut VS! The only show that pits a doughnut against other foods in a glorious battle for glory.


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