Dealhacker: Get Google Home For $147

Dealhacker: Get Google Home For $147

Google Home is a a voice-controlled digital assistant, music speaker and control hub for smart home appliances, all rolled into one. Normally retailing for $199, you can currently get the device from deals site Catch for $147.

Google Home is a fun little gadget that will only get more useful as time goes on. Currently, it can be used to play music and podcasts, stream videos to compatible TVs, answer questions, remind you of your schedule and even control your house lights.

Our only reservation about the device is its $199 price tag – which is a bit steep for something that isn’t essential to your household (yet). It’s just as well then that Catch has shaved a cool $52 off the RRP. For a limited time, you can snap it up for $147.

Note: Catch is selling the international model rather than the local version. However, you should still be able to receive all Australian features (including Home’s Aussie accent) by selecting English (Australian) on your phone during the setup process.

You might also need an international power adaptor for the plug. Otherwise, this version is identical to the one you get in the shops. (Click here to see our review of Google Home.)



  • Do you still get the six months free Play Music/Youtube Red subscription? Because the “value” of that is greater than the saving you get buying in the Catch sale

    • unless you have already got one of those. I was under the impression it was only for new subscribers?

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