Coding Style Guides From Google, Mozilla And NASA

Coding Style Guides From Google, Mozilla And NASA
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As your programming skills increase, it becomes more important that you maintain a consistent coding style. When it comes to curly bracket placement, capitalisation and variable naming, it’s best if you and your fellow developers are all on the same page.

Wahyu Kristianto has put together a list of links to programming style guides from a range of sources, including the likes of Google, Mozilla and even NASA.

There are guides for specific languages, such as NASA’s style for C and Google’s approach to JavaScript.

More general guidelines are also linked, for example, Mozilla’s documentation covers C++, Python and even MAKE files.

For front-facing web developers, you’ll find WordPress’ coding standards are worth reading. There’s even links to tools that’ll check your code for style adherence.

So, if you’re been playing it by ear, or feel like your company’s style guide needs a refresh, hit up Kristianto’s repo below.

awesome-guidelines [GitHub]