Briefly: Game Of Thrones KFC, Bill Gates Predictions, History's Best Bikinis

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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Australians sweep international Pokemon tournament, Hodor from Game Of Thrones works for KFC, Bill Gate's top predictions from 1999.

  • "I went to a career coach so you don't have to — and it was a rude awakening." [Business Insider]
  • POPSUGAR has taken an affectionate look back at some of the most iconic bikini photos from the past 50 odd years. Yes, Princess Leia's slave ensemble made the cut. [POPSUGAR]
  • KFC has released a Game Of Thrones-themed commercial, starring everyone's favourite giant-cum-mute: Hodor. [Gizmodo]
  • It's official: Australians are best at Pokemon. [Kotaku]
  • Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 — and it's scary how accurate he was. [Business Insider]


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