'Bping' Is An Audible Version Of Everyone's Favourite Network Diagnostics Tool

Image: Andrew Hart / Flickr

"Bping" is another handy command-line program to add to your network troubleshooting arsenal. It works exactly like the standard "ping" utility, testing reachability by sending out a constant stream of echo packets, but with an added bonus — sound effects.

So, why would you want an audible version of ping? There are situations where you might not be able to see the screen of the system you're working on, or perhaps it's running in headless mode so the option isn't even there. Gizmoware's Bping nicely sidesteps the issue by playing a beep each time a packet is received.

It's configurable too. You can change the volume, set a custom sound or make it beep only when a packet isn't received. Alternatively, Bping can use the PC's internal speaker, so it'll work even on machines without sound hardware or external speakers.

The only downside is the chunkiness of the executable, weighing in at 4MB. OK, I know that's a drop in the ocean for the average USB flash drive, but it still seems large for such a basic tool, even with its musical abilities.

Bping [Gizmoware, via gHacks]


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