IBM Watson To Predict Best Wimbledon Matches

AI is probably the most interesting field of tech that is emerging. Now that computing power is almost limitless (subject to budget) with access to massive amounts of compute through cloud services, there are all sorts of interesting applications possible. So, naturally, AI and whatever flavour of sports-ball you are into is a candidate for the AI treatment. IBM is putting Watson on the court at Wimbledon, to find the best matches.

According to a report at Bloomberg, A digital assistant called “Fred” will guide fans at the All England Club to the most exciting matches, automatically generate video highlight reels and guide them around the tournament precinct.

While this might seem a frivolous use of an US$18B project, I think it’s very clever.

AI is often seen, particularly by laypeople, as a scary and impenetrable technology. By applying it to real-world questions and problems have, and not just scientific pursuits (which are valuable but very abstract for many people) it highlights the value technology can offer.

It could also inspire people to come up with their own novel uses for the technology.

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