The Best Game Deals From Steam’s 2017 ‘Summer’ Sale [Updated]

The Best Game Deals From Steam’s 2017 ‘Summer’ Sale [Updated]

It’s the time of year that every PC gamer either loves or dreads (depending on the size of their bank balance.) Yup: the Steam ‘Summer’ Sale is back! The first round of Steam sales have already gone up and there are some killer deals to be had – you can score up to 90 per cent off. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

All of the games on our list offer a discount of at least 20 per cent and they’re all actually good. To make life easier, we’ve divided the deals into pricing tiers so you can ignore anything outside your budget. All deals are in US dollars. Obviously, you need to check if your PC matches the minimum requirements for each game prior to purchase. Happy shopping!

Bonus savings: Big W has knocked 10 per cent off its Steam cards – effectively giving you an additional 10 per cent off the below prices. (Thanks to OzBargain’s moneybaby for the tips!)




Franchise Deals (various)

As always, we’ll be updating this page with more deals as they drop. In the meantime, head to Steam to see what else is on offer!

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  • bloody EB games have better PC game sales, and not in US dollars, so that $20 Doom i bought on sale from EB will cost 26

  • I don’t know what “Mount Your Friends” is about, and I’m not sure I want to know.

    • It’s not what it sounds like, but then, it’s probably not going to help that the game has, ahem, dick physics..

  • Is there daily sales or flash sales? Everything I have looked at says on sale to 6th July.

    • Flash sales got nuked a couple of years back. Believe the dailies are still in effect

    • Holy crap it is a huge download though 0_o

      I’ve wishlisted a bunch of stuff and I’m waiting for emails saying it’s on discount.

  • Offworld Trading Company came out Dec last year and it’s already $10.5 AUD. It’s an RTS using economics instead of battles (only at a very casual level). Got excellent reviews too.

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