Stop Chrome Crippling Your PC On Restart With Native Lazy Tabs

If, like me, you have loads of Chrome tabs open at all times, restarting the browser with session restore can be an… explosive event. Chrome will go ahead and reload every single tab and depending on how many you have up, can stall your machine until the process is complete.

Fortunately, a new extension uses Chrome’s native functionality to load such tabs on-demand instead.

Called “Native Lazy Tabs”, the extension uses Chrome’s recently implemented “tab discard” feature to immediately dump tabs when the browser starts.

The discard will stop those tabs loading resources and release any system footprint they may have, which will save you both memory and bandwidth until you access the tab directly.

Best of all, the extension doesn’t even need to stay resident — once its job is done, it’ll unload itself.

So if you’re a compulsive tab-leaver-opener (?), be sure to give Native Lazy Tabs a go.

Native Lazy Tabs [Chrome Web Store, via gHacks]

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