Roll Your Own Oats For A Personalised Breakfast

Roll Your Own Oats For A Personalised Breakfast
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If your favourite breakfast cereals involve crunchy oat and nut clusters, or little Os made of delicious honey-baked granola, you don’t have to shell out big bucks at the supermarket to get it. A little time and a few ingredients, and you can make your own, suited to your taste.

Over at Cut Out and Keep, there’s a great recipe for a do-it-yourself crunchy oat cereal that uses four ingredients, a half-hour in the oven, and some milk. With rolled oats, butter, maple syrup, and some chopped pecans, you can make your own cereal in no time. (If you don’t like pecans, you can substitute another chopped nut that you like, or leave them out entirely.)

All told, the whole process will have you shoveling cereal into your mouth in under an hour. Alternatively, the oats will keep for a while in airtight containers, perfect for snacking or a late night bowl of cereal when the craving strikes.

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