Rider .NET IDE Now Has .NET Core Debugging Again

Rider .NET IDE Now Has .NET Core Debugging Again

Visual Studio is the go-to development environment when it comes to making .NET apps, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the alternatives. JetBrains of Resharper fame has its own IDE, called Rider, which is pretty feature packed — and still being improved upon. Unfortunately it hit a speed bump a few months back, running afoul of licensing issues with .NET Core.

The good news is, they’ve been resolved and .NET Core debugging is back in Rider.

In February, the Rider team was forced to disable .NET Core debugging as the particular NuGet package they were using had different licensing to the rest of .NET Core.

It wasn’t a huge problem for Windows — JetBrains was able to re-implement the functionality for the OS in a week — but it’s only recently it’s been able to roll it out for Linux and Mac too.

The additions are part of the Rider EAP 23 update, which includes debugging fixes, code cleanup and unit testing for F#. Hit up JetBrains’ blog for more details.

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