Telstra Is Axing 1400 Aussie Jobs [Updated]

Telstra Is Axing 1400 Aussie Jobs [Updated]

In a bid to lower operational costs, Telstra is preparing to cut up to 1400 jobs across the country. Here’s what we know so far.

According to a Fairfax report, Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn will make an announcement this afternoon in which the reason for the job cuts will be detailed. Staff were briefed this morning about the layoffs with the Communications Workers Union expected to weigh in later in the week. The news comes less than a year after the telco cut hundreds of customer service jobs nationwide.

At present, we don’t know which sections of the business will be hardest hit or the full extent of the cuts. It is being reported that the cuts will affect workers from all across the business.

Update: As reported, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn has released a statement to employees about the cuts. Here are the significant excerpts from the memo:

Like all businesses today, Telstra faces an unprecedented world of technology innovation and digital disruption. This presents opportunities because we are at the centre of helping our customers adapt to technology innovation in their own industries.

However, it also presents significant challenges as technology is disrupting our own operations as well.

Some of the jobs we do today will no longer exist and new roles will need to be created to focus on new technology driven by expansion into digitisation, software, robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

This evolution of roles is not exclusive to Telstra or our industry – it is something that is happening worldwide and across almost all industries.

I believe we have a great future ahead, but to be successful we cannot afford to operate as we have always done – we must change in order to continue to deliver for our customers.

That means that we have to transform and challenge every aspect of how we work.

This story is developing.

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