Mozilla Squashes 32 Bugs In Latest Update

While Chrome is most people's favourite browser and Edge is the browser most used to download other browsers, Mozilla's Firefox has just been updated to version 54. The focus of this release was knocking over 32 bugs that were potentially exploitable by attackers.

As well as fixing a bunch of vulnerabilities, Mozilla has improved memory usage and performance. The browser can now process up to four content streams at the same time so pages load faster. This is critical as they say the average website is about as big as the entire original version of Doom.

E-Hacking news goes through some of the detail around the specific CVEs that have been fixed in this latest release.


    have been a mozilla ( Firefox ) user for almost 15 years and the last couple years or so the product has become less and less reliable, why this has happened is anyones guess.
    So if this latest update fixes my problems with freezing my computer for 20 seconds to a minute or more .... each time i close a tab ..... then great !
    If it doesnt then bye bye Firefox, and hello Chrome ..... or Edge .....
    I have a lot of bookmarks and addons i use regularly, so i might probably lose them .... or the content ... who knows.
    But it has reached a critical mass for me , my time is valuable and doesnt need to be spent trawling through Google to find answers and solutions. Where most of them are vague at best and not relevant to my exact circumstances.
    So good on you Firefox for giving it another crack ..... lets hope it works, fingers crossed ...

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