Make Cold Brewed Coffee In Your Blender

Cold brewed coffee is a great way to enjoy your daily caffeine fix, but making it can be a fussy process. This technique is quick, easy and uses items you likely already have at home - no added equipment necessary.

The folks at CHOW explain pretty well in the video above - all you really need here is a blender for the coffee itself. Toss about 130 grams of coffee beans into the blender, and add about three and a half cups of cold water before blending. Cover it and toss it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. When you're ready to enjoy it, just pour the coffee mixture through a fine mesh strainer with a paper coffee filter inside to catch any sediment or sludge.

When you're finished, you have a kind of cold coffee concentrate that you can use for all sorts of things, the least of which is a great iced coffee with a little simple syrup for sweetness. If you want a more immediate iced coffee fix, try this Japanese cold-brewing method we've mentioned before.

Make Cold Brewed Coffee In Your Blender [CHOW]


    And what's the blender for?

      Seems to replace a coffee grinder? Which seems a little pointless, if you've got coffee beans to start with anyway.

        Not everyone has an automatic coffee grinder (and manual ones take ages)

          But why would you buy coffee beans if you didn't have a grinder for them? Why wouldn't you just buy pre-ground coffee?

            Because coffee beans taste fresher and you can grind 'em in your blender :-P

              I didn't get that it was for whole beans. But, as any coffee lover would tell you, shredding with a blade is nothing compared to grinding with stone (the latter releases more aromatics). Though maybe it doesn't matter as much with cold brew; anyone up for a scientific test?

        I think it might have been a good idea for the writer to point out that the blender isnt neccessary if you have a coffee grinder. What should have been talked about is what consistiency the beans should be ground to. Too coarse and the extraction is slower too fine and you can over extrac and the grind process will burn the beans, which will undo the whole point of a cold brew, which is to extract the botanicals and other volatiles that are destroyed by hot brew processes. Another point that should also be made is that cold brew has a lot more caffiene than a normal cup

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