LogMeIn Makes Bold Entry Into CRM Market

LogMeIn Makes Bold Entry Into CRM Market

LogMein has been around the workplace collaboration business for a while. And, as a stand-alone product it’s pretty good. But they are looking to broaden their horizons by encroaching into the hotly contested, but potentially very lucrative, CRM market. Their new product Bold360, promises to give businesses a full 360-degree view that pulls in data from traditional CRM systems as well as online channels.

The vision of Bold360 is to make it easy to see everything you know about customer from one place. That includes their sales history, social media interactions, and other communications. I’ve heard all this before so it will be interesting if Bold360 can achieve. The target customers for Bold360 are those running legacy CRM applications that are limited in what data they store and present.

LogMeIn’s history in connecting people is evident in the flashy, marketing-speak promotional video. And, if the software lives up to the promise it could be a way for companies who want to hang on to their existing customer service and CRM systems to drag out more value without having to shift to an entirely new system.

Integration with other platforms is promised to be code-free with automation and remote support capability built in.

Pricing is dependent on the number of licenses and the features you choose.