How To Grow Your Business Faster By Becoming A Better Leader

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Getting the job done on time and on budget might make you an effective manager, but it doesn't mean you're a good leader. As summarised in the Wall Street Journal Guide to Management, "the manager administers, the leader innovates. The manager relies on control; the leader inspires trust."

Rapid and relentless business change presents many business opportunities for growth. More than 70 per cent of senior executives surveyed by McKinsey global business consultants say that innovation will be at least one of the top three drivers of growth for their companies in the next three to five years.

Leadership skills need to be continuously improved to help ensure your business (and career) thrives; and make sure that you're the hare in the story, not the tortoise. Download the complete version of this leadership guide instantly below. It's free.

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  • Practical advice on helping your team to grow, learning from failures, plus why successful leaders listen — and always seek to learn more.
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