GitHub Enterprise 2.10 Adds New Dev and Project Management Tools

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GitHub has added a bunch of new tools to their platform. Using the GitHub GraphQL API, you can now create your own tools, there have been enhancements made to project boards and new tools for organising repositories have been added. There are also a bunch of bug fixes and the ability to deprecate TLS protocols in order to enhance application security.

GitHub has published a comprehensive blog post that details all the new features and fixes added to Enterprise 2.10.

As the GitHub platform continues to grow in maturity, we're seeing both new features and subtle enhancements that make managing development projects easier. for example, there are tools that now allow you to filter comments from reviewers so you can focus on feedback from key stakeholders ahead of everyone else.

With Microsoft shutting down CodePlex later this year and providing devs with tools to move to GitHub, it's good to see the platform continuing to develop even though the competitive herd has thinned.

You can download GitHub Enterprise 2.10 here.


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