Dropbox Bolsters Buisness Cred With New Admin Features

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Dropbox has announced new admin features that provide stronger user controls and greater visibility into their teams’ Dropbox usage. The new features are part of the company's AdminX initiative and include a new admin console, web session control, password control and sub-domain verification.

The new admin console simplifies the user interface for administrators. There's an early access page if you're keen to get an early look.

Web session control helps admins ensure sensitive company information being accessed on dropbox.com stays in the right hands. It lets you manage the amount of time your members can stay signed in to dropbox.com. It’s available for Dropbox Business customers with Advanced, Enterprise, and Education plans.

With weak passwords the most common way for a user’s account to become compromised Dropbox has created a custom-built password strength estimator that compares passwords against a database of words, names, and patterns. This lets you set parameters to help prevent your team from using passwords that can be easily guessed. Password control will be available soon in early access.

Subdomain verification enables admins to selectively fold existing accounts into the corporate domain. This provides more granular control over which subdomains receive access to the company Dropbox account. Subdomain verification is now generally available for Dropbox Business customers with Advanced, Enterprise, and Education plans.

Dropbox knows its long term survival depends on getting paying customers particularly enterprises, to sign on the dotted line. By bolstering admin controls, they are moving along the road from being a consumer file-sync service into an enterprise data storage solution. These new features are a further step along that road.


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