Briefly: Killer Countries, Mummy Review, Abandoned Mansions

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists, see a neighbourhood of eerie abandoned mansions, the story behind Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  • Before you plan that holiday, review these 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists. [Business Insider]
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda, released in March 2017, disappointed even the biggest fans of BioWare's longrunning series. Kotaku looks at the story behind its troubled five-year development. [Kotaku]
  • In June 2013, heavy rains led to a flood in the Canadian province of Alberta, causing an estimated 6 billion dollars in property damage. Check out these eerie photos of a neighbourhood of abandoned million-dollar McMansions. [Business Insider]
  • The Mummy is the first movie in the "Dark Universe," a planned series of films that will intertwine the ghoulish tales of the classic Universal Monsters. Unfortunately, it's monstrous for all the wrong reasons. Here is the review. [Gizmodo]
  • According to Kotaku, here are the Ten Commandments of video game collectables. [Kotaku]


    I'm surprised that North Korea wasn't on the list of the top 20 most dangerous countries to visit.

      Why would North Korea be on the list?

      As far as murdering tourists is concerned I'm more surprised that Australian isn't on the list.

        Because people get kidnapped or get detained in North Korea.

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