Briefly: Killer Cosplay, Ultra-Exclusive School, Nintendo Switch's Best Games

Cosplay by Lady Nikoru & Henchmen Studios | Photo by Paul Hillier

Brief news items of note to Lifehacker readers, including: the 12 best games for the Nintendo Switch, lethally good Widomaker cosplay, an inside look at the most expensive school in the world.

  • Henchmen Studios, photographer Paul Hillier and cosplayer Lady Nikoru recently joined forces for a Widowmaker shoot. It's one of the best pieces of Overwatch cosplays we've ever seen - and that's saying something. [Kotaku]
  • Four weird helicopters are flying over Sydney right now. [Gizmodo]
  • Take an exclusive look inside the world's most expensive school, where tuition fees are almost $150,000 a year. [Business Insider]
  • Here are the the 12 best games for the Nintendo Switch. [Kotaku]


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