Briefly: Fiendish Kid Puzzle, Game Of Thrones 7, Trump Vs Turnbull

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Malcolm Turnbull mocks Donald Trump, fresh Game Of Thrones plot details, can you solve this fiendish kids puzzle?

  • US president Donald Trump is reportedly being investigated for obstruction of justice. Interesting times ahead. [Business Insider]
  • In other Trump news, leaked audio from a Canberra media event has revealed Malcolm Turnbull mocking and impersonating the US president. [Business Insider]
  • Every now and then, we come across a puzzle that's meant for children but is still incredibly difficult. This new puzzle, from Highlights Magazine, is one that we think is harder than any hard math problem. [POPSUGAR]
  • Game of Thrones just sneakily hinted at two major plot lines for Season 7. [POPSUGAR]


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