Aussie Businesses Falling Behind On Mobility

Aussie Businesses Falling Behind On Mobility

According to IDC, Australia is slipping in mobile maturity, with just one out of 15 businesses using mobility as a competitive differentiator and as an enabler for new business models. While we’re not getting worse, says IDC, our regional competitors are upping their game and we’re getting left behind..

Over half of Australian businesses in IDC’s sample use mobility on an ad hoc or opportunistic basis with just 16.2% falling into their “Managed” category where the business excels in using mobility to get closer to their customers.

This seems to fit with what I’m seeing and hearing when I speak with Australian companies. Many companies know there are benefits to be had from embracing mobility in operations and to deliver better customer experiences but they lack the capability to translate that desire into reality.

Making the shift can be challenging. Legacy systems can be had to make mobile friendly and the skills needed to move the business along can be hard to find.

But as the borders between markets continue to become even less defined, the ability to deliver mobile applications and services will continue to grow. And the businesses that “get it” are the ones that will survive in the longer term.

If you’re an IDC subscriber or have a spare $4500 you can read the full report.