Apple Expanding Screen Repair Program With More Horizon Machines

Remember the Apple 'Error 53' issue where iPhones were bricked after having their screen repaired by third-parties? Initially, Apple said the problem was that it couldn’t trust the TouchID sensor hadn’t been tampered with but then followed up saying the build of iOS that caused the issue included a checking feature that wasn’t intended for mass deployment.

Apple says the only way the integrity of the Touch ID sensor can be validated is using a machine, they developed, called the Horizon. Over the last year, as reported by Reuters, Apple has been deploying Horizon machines with third parties. This started with a small test at a couple US-based stores but it’s about to expand the program.

By the end of this year 400 Horizon machines will be deployed. That just leaves another 4,400 authorised repairers who will be waiting. About 500 Horizon machines are set up in Apple’s own retail stores. Importantly, these are non-Apple owned repair shops. One of the ACCC’s beefs with Apple is that not using Apple to do the repair the warranty is a breach of local consumer laws.

This is good news if you have a busted iPhone screen and want to get it fixed. But if you’re the operator of a repair kiosk, then you’re going to be faced with some more competition.


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