Amazon Adds Auto Scaling For DynamoDB

Amazon Adds Auto Scaling For DynamoDB

DynamoDB is Amazon’s database platform for those applications where you need a database but aren’t interested in setting up a server and all the other rigmarole that goes with it. DynamoDB uses a provisioned capacity model. You set the amount of read and write capacity required by your applications and change provisioning for your table with an API call or button click in the AWS Management Console. Now, DynamoDB has new settings that will auto scale as your needs change.

According to the AWS blog:

Auto Scaling for DynamoDB to help automate capacity management for your tables and global secondary indexes. You simply specify the desired target utilization and provide upper and lower bounds for read and write capacity. DynamoDB will then monitor throughput consumption using Amazon CloudWatch alarms and then will adjust provisioned capacity up or down as needed.

When I dabbled with software development many moons ago, database setup an configuration was a huge headache. We have well and truly entered a point where utility services, such as databases, are now quietly delivered as a service and application developers can focus on logic and user interfaces.

The AWS blog has a worked example of how to enable auto scaling and how it works.