WhatsApp Coming To Windows Store

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Following on from last week's news that iTunes will be coming to the Windows Store, WhatsApp is doing the same with their app. I haven't spied a listing for it yet, but MSPowerUser reports that a listing is up although it's just a wrapper for the app that's already available.

It seems that Microsoft is doing a much better job of getting developers over the line for Windows 10 S, which will only run apps coming from the Windows Store. And those apps need to be developed using specific tools or repackaged using Project Centennial.

I've become a WhatsApp user over recent months, particularly for work where a secure, multi-platform communications system is really handy. And, now that I'm spending a lot more time using Windows 10, I find it quite jarring when I move from a desktop app, such as Evernote, that doesn't take advantage of the updated UI or touch gestures.

If Microsoft can convince more influential developers to move away from traditional desktop apps to the newer user experience then we should see others follow along.


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