The Best Way To Follow Up After A Job Interview

The Best Way To Follow Up After A Job Interview

Most career counsellors and recruiting experts will tell you that following up after an interview is a must, especially if you really want the job and want the hiring manager to know it. But what is the best way to follow up? The folks at HR Bartender have some suggestions.

In most cases, an email is the best way to follow up after an interview — it’s fast, friendly and unobtrusive. It doesn’t put pressure on the hiring manager to stop everything and take your phone call, listen to your voicemail and call you back, or reply to your snail mail. The HR Bartender folks do note, however, that a paper note can often really stand out — you just have to use your judgement as to whether that would be seen as a good thing or bad thing.

Take into account how you’ve been communicating with the hiring manager up to this point and follow suit. If you two have been speaking on the phone fairly regularly, it doesn’t hurt to continue the trend with a phone call to say thanks for the interview and express your hope you’ll hear from them — whatever the outcome — soon. Whatever you do, try to match your method to your interviewer’s most preferred method, and follow up a few days after your interview.

Remember, the post-interview follow-up is an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position and make sure you and the interviewer are on the same page. Your follow-up should include a reaffirmation of your interest in the position and your clear belief that you’re still the best person for the job. Even if the hiring manager has already made a decision, sometimes other candidates decline offers or seek other opportunities, leaving an otherwise busy interviewer facing the prospect of interviewing more people or debating if someone who has already been interviewed is still on the market.

Hit the link below to read the full interview loaded with dos and don’ts for the perfect post-interview follow-up.

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