Synology Boosts VM Support With New Virtual Machine Manager

Source: Synology

Synology keeps adding more to the capability of the NAS line-up. They have launched a new version of the Virtual Machine Manager into beta this week. This lets you run Windows and Linux VMs directly on many models in their range.

The Virtual Machine Manager beta program supports snapshotting and live migration of VMs from one Synology NAS to another. If you have a sufficiently powerful NAS, it will even allow you to offer a multi-tenant environment.

This is a further evolution of Synology's platform. With storage and compute becoming increasingly commoditised, the market opportunity for them comes from making complex business tasks easier. I'm hoping to test this out on one of Synology's new devices, which are expected to be released at this year's Computex tech extravaganza.


    That's pretty cool for home/SOHO - kind of like unRAID implemented some time ago. I wonder whether it uses KVM or Xen.

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