Reminder: Adobe Software Gets Super Expensive Next Week

Reminder: Adobe Software Gets Super Expensive Next Week

On June 5, Adobe is jacking up its Creative Cloud (CC) software prices by a whopping 25 per cent. A 12-month subscription to the CC suite will now set you back $869.85 – compared to today’s asking price of $695.88. In other words, if you plan to sign up to Adobe or renew an existing subscription, do it before June 5.

As previously reported, Adobe is increasing its Australian pricing on June 5 due to “fluctuating currency exchange rates”. Funny, but we don’t recall Adobe adjusting prices when the Australian dollar was trading at 110.55 US cents. Maybe they forgot to monitor exchange rates that year? Tch.

In any event, you’ll soon need to pay an extra $174 per year for a full CC subscription. Or you could sign up for a pre-paid plan today and get 12 months at the existing price.

You’ll still get slugged with the new pricing a year from now, but that’s certainly better than next week. Alternatively, it might be time to migrate to one of the many free and affordable Adobe clones on the market. You can find some examples here and here.


  • Other options include:
    Photoshop CS6 (or even CS5),
    Paintshop Pro / Corel Draw, or
    Gimp / Inkscape.

    They vary in: availability, levels of compatibility, and price. However, you won’t have to worry about paying a regular ransom to access / edit the artwork you created.

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