McDonald’s Now Has Its Own Mobile Ordering App

McDonald’s Now Has Its Own Mobile Ordering App

McDonald’s has just released a new mobile ordering app dubbed MyMacca’s. Available nationally for iPhone and Android, the free app allows customers to pre-order and pay for their meal at the press of a button. Here’s how it works.

The MyMacca’s app is aimed at time-poor Macca’s fans who don’t want to wait for their food to be cooked. It allows you to place your order via mobile phone and pay for it before entering the store. Users simply make their selections, pay online and select the McDonald’s outlet they want to pick their up food from.

The order will then be waiting for instant collection – no need to faff about with those touch-screen menus or converse with pimply checkout dudes. There are also options to customise your order and a personalised favourites menu for even faster repurchasing.

Currently, the app is only compatible in store, but McDonald’s will be extending it to drive-thru windows in the weeks ahead.

Personally, we’ve never had a problem waiting for food at Macca’s – it practically invented the concept of fast food service, after all. Nevertheless, we suppose this app could prove handy on occasion, such as during peak hours or at perpetually busy restaurants.

You can download it on iOS and Android via the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively. We’ll be testing the app out later this week. In the meantime, have a play and tell us what you think!


  • Do people not realised that this was already tried and failed? Anyone remember that thing where you would scan the QR code in drive-thru or instore?

    • Just what I was about to say. The last version was buggy, and did not list all the burgers currently available.
      It’s like the in-store ordering kiosk’s, I still don’t use them as they take so much longer than just walking up to the counter.

  • KFC one works well but I exext to wait a little for the order there. Maccas has gone downhill ever since they started to “make everything fresh” and stick it all in bainmarees. They used to have 5-6 registers going and have the burgers wrapped ready to go and it truly was fast food, now they have 2-4 registers, you order and pay, then get a number and have to stand there and wait for someone who didn’t take the order to get your meal ready, so they are reading teh screen to see what it all is then have to wait while burgers are made… it’s no longer a fast food.

  • I got the app this morning and I will try it. But given how wait times are when ordering in stores I feel this will bomb. I wish they would stop with the whole made just for you crap and go back to pre made burgers. I remember getting my orders with in a minute. Now I’m luck to have it with in 10.

  • Would only be beneficial to me if it has ALL the menu items and options to customise, I hate standing at the counter, looking at the board and trying to figure out what’s available and having everyone around me be like, are you ordering yet? no still looking! At the moment I resort to looking at the menu on my phone.

    • Good luck doing that with the newer displays they have in store. I was trying to look at the menu the other day, and every 5 seconds it switched to an add (for their latest gimick) that covered all the screens.
      Even then it doesn’t show the whole menu, they rotate through every couple of seconds.
      It is now so hard and complicated to order there, I get stress sweats about ordering. I usually offer to hold the table and look after the kids rather than go through the ordering process.

      • Yeah I don’t understand why they do that, I look at the mess of a menu, go, I don’t know what’s in that so I can’t decide, might as well just get chicken nuggets. It’s like they only want you to order certain things and not out of THEIR WHOLE RANGE OF ITEMS!? Why have all the other stuff then if they’re going to hide it?

          • They have new menu items all the time, some people like to see what’s currently available and choose from that, not just get the same standard thing every time…

  • I would not use this service again. I had heaps of issues with them charging my card on a weekend but not delivering at all. Then trying to call someone to fix the problem, the helpdesk was not available (you know when people might actually make an order). The number told me to call the store but they didn’t have access to anything.

    Ended up having to bitch about it on their facebook page and they finally gave me a refund.

  • Maccas app is one of the worst if not the worst app I have encountered from a major corporation. This app crashes non-stop the moment you run it. Its only good for looking at the menu and item prices so long as you can contain your frustration at the constant error notifications. Maccas should really fire its app developer and get advice from the KFC app development team or even Dominos’.

    If I didn’t know this app was developed by Maccas itself I would have thought it was done by a random 10 year old as a joke. What a letdown and embarrassment for Maccas.

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