How To Choose A Houseplant That Will Actually Last [Infographic]

How To Choose A Houseplant That Will Actually Last [Infographic]

“Hygge” is a Danish word that essentially means the quality of cosiness, contentment and well-being. If you want to attain hygge in your household, one simple and cost-effective way is to invest in some plants. Unfortunately, they need to actually survive for it to work. This infographic looks at the types of houseplants first-time buyers and non-green thumbs should consider.

The infographic below comes from Flowercard in the UK. As the accompanying blog post points out, different plants need different levels of care. You also need to factor in the intended location: a species that thrives in a dark hallway may not necessarily cope in a humid bathroom.

Check out the full graphic below for nurturing tips and plant suggestions. It also explains how to diagnose existing houseplant problems. (For example, if the leaves are yellowing and falling off it probably means you’re over-watering.)

[Via Flowercard]


  • they forgot to put the Zanzibar Gem on there,

    the plant that thrives on neglect.

    you know the ones.

    • We have one in our 20th floor office that in past year has grown from a couple fof 20cm shoots to be about 1m in height with easily 15 stalks. Only ambient sunlight and precious little watering.

      • i know, theyre glorious plants. my local westfield has ginormous pots (as tall as 1.2 meters and probably almost 1 meter across) of them littered throughout the mall.

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