How This Gourmet Japanese Popcorn Chicken Burger Is Made

Image: Lifehacker

National Burger Day is coming up on May 28, which naturally means that places that specialise in burgers are already gearing up for their very own day of days. In some cases, even places that don't usually make burgers are getting in on the action — as with Zushi's sushi-and-Japanese-chicken-inspired burger.

We visited Zushi Barangaroo to check out the process that goes into making its bespoke Popcorn Chicken Burger — made from Japanese popcorn chicken, pickled cucumber, cabbage, American cheese and chilli mayo between sushi rice buns topped with furikake. Here's how the magic happens:

This burger is just one of a handful of unique burgers made just for Deliveroo in the lead up to National Burger Day on Sunday May 28. The list also includes items like China Diner's Cheeseburger Spring Roll and Brooklyn Depot's The Holy Cow. We also got the team together to try four of Deliveroo's bespoke burgers, and you can see our verdict below:

If you want your own, you can order any of these burgers (among others) from Deliveroo until Sunday.


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