How Do You Handle Mother's Day If Mother's Day Sucks For You?

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and it isn't a happy celebration for everyone. Whether your relationship with your mum isn't great, your mother has passed away, or you've struggled with having kids, Mother's Day can be a painful reminder of what you've gone through. If you're dreading this particular holiday, we'd like to know: What strategies do you use to deal with Mother's Day?

Image from pennajoe.

We know this can be a really difficult topic, but we hope that hearing how other people cope on a day that sucks for them too can make it a little easier. Share your own tips and advice in the discussion below, or just commiserate. You're not alone.


    I've pretty much disowned my own mother, after many attempts to reconcile, so the mum's day focus is all on making it a great day for my wife and kids and usually involves her mum and some awesome friends who make much better grand parent figures than would be available if we stuck with my blood relatives.

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