Fry Chicken To Perfection Using This Fast Food Colour Guide

Fry Chicken To Perfection Using This Fast Food Colour Guide
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I adore a good chicken nugget, but there can be a fine line between “perfectly golden brown” and “burnt”. This official “Crispy Chicken Filet Colour Guide” from Burger King is the chart you’ve been looking for.

The photo below was snapped by Helen Rosner at Eater. Apparently, a careless employee at a US Burger King chain left it on the counter. Now we call get to follow their simple instructions:

As you can see, the chart clearly answers the question “should I use this chicken?”, letting the chart-user cook perfectly crisp, but not burnt, chicken nuggets, strips and patties. Now that the chart is no longer a closely-guarded BK secret, you are free to print out Helen’s tweet, and put it up on the fridge for easy reference.

Burger King’s Secret Chicken Colour Chart Has Been Revealed [Munchies]


  • There is still technique involved in frying, mainly temperature management of the oil. This colour chart does not stop you having a golden crust on the outside and a raw centre.

  • lordsnipe is correct. when cooking at home use a frypan or most preferably a wok. Put oil in the pan to half thickness of nuggets or in wok just over full thickness of nugget.
    In each case wait until the oil is ‘showing light smoke’ or one drop of water until it ‘spits’.
    place the nuggets in with room to turn them over in the pan with tongs, and in the wok slightly stir with a wooden spoon or chopsticks until golden as in the chart. Put a brown paper bag on a plate and place the nuggets on the paper to drain the excess oil. If cooking in batches place the cooked nuggets in a warm oven, not hot or they will become dry.
    Make your own chicken schnitzel from slices of fresh chicken breasts, cover in flour, dip in beaten egg then coat them with bread crumbs.
    Cook by the same method above.

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