Foxtel Play Is Finally Getting HD Support (Plus Chromecast)

Foxtel Play Is Finally Getting HD Support (Plus Chromecast)

Whenever we report on Foxtel Play, there will invariably be a reader comment (or ten) lambasting the service’s lack of Full HD. Well, it appears the company has finally heard you.

From June 2017, Foxtel Play customers will be able to access shows like Game Of Thrones in high definition. What’s more, there will also be the option to stream directly to your TV via Google Chromecast. Here are the details.

As reported on EFTM, Foxtel is updating its customer Terms and Conditions with the promising inclusion of Chromecast and HD content. From 7 June 2017, Foxtel Play customers will be able to access the service via Google Chromecast. This means you’ll be able to stream to your TV directly from your phone or tablet.

In addition, high definition is finally on the cards for all Foxtel Play customers. (Currently, the only way to access high-def content on Foxtel Play is via Telstra TV.) While perusing the new T&Cs, EFTM came across this tell-tale excerpt (emphasis ours):

“…there may be some technical limitations for customers who chose to access the Foxtel Play Service via older Devices. These limitations include the inability to use trick play functionality (such as pause, rewind, fast forward etc) on streamed programs and the unavailability of HD on all Devices.”

In other words, provided you have a compatible device, Foxtel Play will soon provide high-def streams of select content. This is something customers have been demanding for years. (Foxtel’s community page on the topic is pretty much a bloodbath.)

There’s no word on whether 4K will be supported in the June update nor how much content will be available at launch. We also don’t know if it will be offered as a free upgrade or premium service similar to Netflix’s pricing tiers. We’ll keep you posted as soon as there’s an official announcement.

Some will call this “too little, too late”, but the belated inclusion of HD at least puts the service on the same footing as Netflix, Stan and the rest. Despite being one of the oldest streaming services on the block, it appears Foxtel Play is finally growing up.

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  • We won’t really know whether this is a meaningful enhancement until we establish whether the high definition signal is 1080p or just 720p like the Telstra TV. I would have thought that any prospect of 4K would be well beyond the pale, but here’s hoping!

  • Does anyone know if this includes sport. Even with a 100mb NBN connection watching sport on Foxtel play is so bad.. Hurts your eyes

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