Inside Nvidia’s Futuristic HQ: A Workplace Built For Collaboration

Inside Nvidia’s Futuristic HQ: A Workplace Built For Collaboration

For the past five years, Nvidia has been building itself a shiny new headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. When it is completed at the end of this year, the 500,000 square feet structure will house up to 5000 employees across two floors. The site has been specifically designed to encourage collaboration with large congregational areas, open plan offices and staircases to enable chance encounters.

During GTC 2017, we were given a sneak peak inside the building which remains a work in progress. Here are the photos.

Located off the San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara, Nvidia’s new corporate campus has been envisioned as a deeply collaborative workspace with an aesthetic that is unique to the company. Once completed, the building will comprise primarily of office space with a complement of developer labs and other support functions.

The building’s unusual triangular design is meant to represent the fundamental building block of computer graphics. Inside are over two dozen large conference rooms, more than 70 meeting rooms for smaller groups and multiple “open teaming” areas dotting the building’s two floors.

The building’s main entrance is nestled in its centre. This is also where the main toilets, conference rooms and coffee stations will be located. The intention is to get workers to socialise and collaborate instead of working in self-imposed silos.

Lifehacker attended GTC 2017 as a guest of Nvidia.