Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Assistant

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Assistant


The Raspberry Pi is the a very versatile computer that has been embraced by hobbyists everywhere. It’s been used to create gaming consoles, home automation systems, media player and all sorts of other applications. Google has teamed up Raspberry Pi to create a kit that brings together a Voice Hardware Accessory on Top board with a microphone and speaker so you can create your own Alexa alternative.

It’s part of Google’s Artificial Intelligence Yourself initiative and you’ll need to subscribe to MagPi, Raspberry Pi’s official magazine. But I’m sure there will be other sources that allow you to build the kit yourself in due course.

AI is certainly moving forward quickly. And with the supporting hardware now commoditised to this degree, pretty soon we’ll be seeing AI making further inroads into our work and private life


  • Of course it’s sold out, the mag always is on the uk store.

    Where can we get it in Australia? C’mon Lifehacker, by all means run a lazy article, but at least provide a link or details of Australia stockists.

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