Briefly: Renewable Lego, New Star Trek Trailer, Mega Tax Fraud

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Lego smashes its 100% renewable energy goal, Aussie police bust syndicate suspected of $165 million payroll fraud, the first trailer to Star Trek: Discovery.

  • Lego has invested $1.2 Billion over the last four years to balance 100 per cent of its energy use with that from renewable sources, and now that goal has been achieved - three years early.[Gizmodo]
  • A senior tax official and his son and daughter have been swept up in what police allege is an unprecedented tax fraud involving $165 million. [Business Insider]
  • There's a new Star Trek TV series out called Star Trek: Discovery. Watch the first trailer here. [Gizmodo]
  • The video game Destiny 2 is having a big reveal event tonight. You can watch along from home on Kotaku. [Kotaku]
  • In other gaming news, The Witcher is getting a Netflix series. [Kotaku]
  • A psychologist claims a simple word swap can make you more successful on a daily basis. [Business Insider]
  • If you're in Sydney Harbour and Circular over the next couple of evenings, you're probably going to see a ghost ship. [Gizmodo]


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