Aldi Is Selling A $499 3D Printer This Weekend

Aldi Is Selling A $499 3D Printer This Weekend
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On sale from Saturday 13 May, Aldi has Cocoon’s Create 3D printer available for $499. Last time they had one of these sweet babies, there were literally people lining up to buy before the doors opened.

Here’s all the details.

Featuring a touchscreen for menu operation, a heated bed (necessary for a flat base on your creation), and a 200 x 200 x 180mm print area, the unit is pretty flexible with what PLA and ABS filaments it will take, and can print your designs directly from an SD card.

Here’s the main stats and features:

There’s a range of accessories available too, which you can check out on Cocoon’s website.

While we haven’t gotten our hands on one ourselves, it seems to be a pretty sturdy investment for the price – and of course it comes with a one year warranty (as well as your consumer law rights that it should be expected to work well) so it might be worth picking one up and giving it a go.

If you do, tell us how it goers in the comments!



  • As with the same article on Gizmodo yesterday, the printer shown is incorrect.

    The Cacoon Create Touch is the one being sold this time.

  • Pffft, warranty. Already ordered a glass print bed for this. Need to grab a microswiss hotend for it though.

  • Its actually the updated model of the one pictured.
    for $500 its worth the price if you wanted to get into printing, solid reviews out there for it

  • Youre gonna have to be up at the crack of dawn lined up at Aldi on Saturady to get one. Thats if they have more then 3 per store and teh workers havnt squirreled them away

  • The specs appear to indicate you can ONLY print from SD card. This is a big PITA. Having USB and/or Network connectivity opens up options such as remote monitoring and control.
    I’d find it pretty painful to slice in CURA on a PC, then transfer to SD card.
    Otherwise, it looks like a great printer.

  • It’s a really good printer.

    to answer @dunkyboy above, you can print using the usb port (and a direct application or more likely octoprint running on a raspberry pi).

    Personally I’m fine with having sd card usage, even though I have a pi ready to go. I still need to warm the bed up so thats a few minutes prep time I have free.

    I’ve made a FAQ about this printer that answers a bunch of questions in detail (I ended up breaking 2,000 words in a night, eep!)

    One more thing to note is that “Balco” is a renamed version of the same supplier. They supply Kogan and “Dick Smith”, so we may see this printer with them in 6 months like we did last time around.

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