IBM’s Advice For Hiring Managers

IBM’s Advice For Hiring Managers

We’ve all heard about the skills shortage facing the tech industry. So, it’s not surprising that people who have lost jobs in “legacy” industries are seeking to retrain and transition into what IBM calls “New Collar Jobs“. The company has put together a short list of three things their hiring managers look for when bringing new people into Big Blue.

The advice IBM offers for job candidates isn’t rocket science but is a timely reminder for anyone looking for a new gig to sharpen up their resume and tweak their interview schtick.

The advice IBM offers is:

  1. Focus on skills, such as teams work, critical thinking and adaptability, rather than a laundry list of past roles
  2. Think about problem solving in design terms and not just technical
  3. Know what makes you different to other candidates – what’s your “it” factor

When hiring, my questions and discussion always included some problem solving and an exploration of how the person worked with others. I think technical skills are learnable – as long as the person demonstrates that they are prepared to learn and can work well in a team.

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  • IBM’s global share price has been falling since 2013. They bungled the census and were forced to pay compensation, and they shed 1000 jobs and 68% profit drop just recently as well.

    I’m not sure they’re a company people should be taking hiring advice from.

    • I’d still rather work for IBM than some start up with a 98% chance of failure.

      • Considering how IBM manages their staff in Australia (almost entirely contract workforce, no permanent desks, ends contracts on a whim), I’d rather take my changes with a startup.

  • Ah yes, the biggest abuser of offshoring and 457 visas around. The company who bought the nightmares of Queensland health and the Census debacle. The company who fires staff at a whim.

    Any advice out of these shonks is to be avoided.

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