A Grilled-Cheese Alternative For People Who Can’t Eat Bread

A Grilled-Cheese Alternative For People Who Can’t Eat Bread

If you are a person who avoids bread, you may think that your days of experiencing melty, stretchy, grilled cheeses are behind you — but don’t be so sure.

Photos by Claire Lower


I don’t remember which genius commenter suggested bread cheese, but those of you who don’t eat bread should thank them. If anything, bread cheese lets you make the purest iteration of a grilled cheese that ever was. Designed to be fried directly in the pan, free from carby accoutrements, this salty cheese develops a crispy crust all on its own.


Once cooked, you can dip the melted slab of dairy in soup, drizzle it with honey (and top with pistachios!), or just eat it all by itself.


It isn’t bad cold either. It’s a little squeaky, but I don’t mind a squeaky cheese. You can also microwave it for a quick snack if you can’t be bothered to pan fry. There are a lot of bread cheese options, and all are very good.

[AU Editor’s Update: For all of you in the comments, leipäjuusto, also known as bread cheese, is similar to but not the same as halloumi.]


    • No. There’s a cow right there on the packaging and if you look closer the only milk ingredient is cow’s milk, so it can’t be halloumi – which is made from goat & sheep milk (some of the cheaper products contain a mixture including cow’s milk though).

      It’s Finnish squeaky cheese.

    • From what I can tell…

      “Bread Cheese” is Finnish Leipäjuusto and made from cow’s milk.

      Halloumi is Cypriot (and associated with Greek / Turkish cuisine) and more typically made from goat / sheep’s milk.

      Saganaki is a Greek term referring to the dishes prepared with a small frying pan, the most common of which is fried cheese, such as fried Halloumi.

      • CC (registered users) @joosh @bingus @deathduck – and any of the other guests.

  • Isn’t this just halloumi with a more western, trademark-able, less-muslim-sounding name?

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