Why You Need To Start Drinking In The Shower

Why You Need To Start Drinking In The Shower

Drinking in the shower is a pastime that much of the Lifehacker staff holds near and dear to their heart. The popular beverage of choice for such an activity? Beer. Also, coffee and maybe a fancy cocktail. Here’s how you, too, can enjoy one of the greatest and most simple pleasures of your adult life.

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You might’ve heard of shower beers (not to be confused with beer showers, which could be equally as glorious). Before this conversation came up in our Lifehacker Slack channel, combining drinking and showering had never occurred to me. All I could think was, “Why?” Our resident shower beer expert, Beth Skwarecki, says:

It was perfect for after a late-evening roller derby practice, when you come home sweaty and exhausted. You need a hot shower and a cold beer, and you are an adult, so there is no reason why you can’t have both at once. You just need to indulge and relax. Shower beer hits all the spots.

I can see that. A hot, relaxing shower is a nice mental pick-me-up, and when you combine that with a beverage that helps take the edge off a hard day, it’s indulgent magic. Our own Editor-in-Chief Melissa Kirsch simply says, “I do not see any reason to take a shower if I can’t have a cocktail while I’m doing it.” Still others do it because it’s efficient pre-gaming while you get ready to light up the town.

Then there’s the matter of how. Again, I turned to Skwarecki.

My beer usually comes in bottles (I’m fancy like that). You open the bottle before heading into the shower, and just set it on the ledge of the tub, like where you would put your shampoo. Or maybe a soap dish could work, or a nearby windowsill.

A tall beer can might be a better option if you’re particularly clumsy or want to keep glass out of the shower for safety reasons. If you prefer to pour your beverage into a separate container, Kirsch recommends a heavy-bottomed tumbler. A vacuum-sealed container like a HydroFlask could also work to help keep the temperature consistent. Meanwhile, senior staff writer Thorin Klosowski chimed in with, “Don’t overcomplicate it. Crappy beer in a can. In the shower.”

Other tips: Don’t overlook the importance of the beer’s temperature. Too long or too hot of a shower can turn the beer warm, and of course, don’t actually let shower water mix with your drink. If you’re not a fan of beer, Kirsch likes her showers with vodka soda and a bit of lime. Don’t want anything alcoholic? Shower coffee and shower protein smoothies are also possibilities we discussed. Bonus: Blast your favourite song and pretend the beverage is a mic.

Whatever your preferred beverage, just know that the whole point here is to de-stress and enjoy being an adult.


  • I do this periodically, especially after a long afternoon of yard work; Best combination I’ve found:

    * In a stubbie.
    * Place where you keep the shampoo.
    * Use a thermal stubbie cooler – besides keeping cold, it also widens the base and adds to the bottom-heavy.

  • I discovered the shower beer 15 years ago at schoolies, never looked back, have always been saying its awesome.

  • I prefer tinnies for shower beers they stay cooler & aren’t risking broken glass if I knock it over besides canned beer stays fresher & taste better than bottles if available in your beer of choice.

  • Shower beer is for wimps: I just sit on the toilet and chug from a large bottle of vodka, then throw up in the shower.

    But, seriously, just one more way to imbibe more alcohol? We should be looking at ways to drink LESS alcohol, not finding so-called “adult” ways to drink more.

  • I hate to be a buzzkill and I do realise that the Dams are full atm, but what a serious waste of water unless you knock the drink back fairly quickly. I’m assuming everybody who does this is just languishing in the shower, taking their time and enjoying the moment, because otherwise what’s the point. So for me, the wasted water particularly in those danger zones when the dams are getting low, makes this a no go. Keep in mind, it was only a month or two back when the Dams in SE Qld were getting low!

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