Turn Leftover Matzo Into A Tasty Snack With These Toppers

Turn Leftover Matzo Into A Tasty Snack With These Toppers

If you hosted a Passover Seder last night, you may have found yourself with a few sheets of leftover matzo this morning. Though the unleavened bread is a bit bland, that lack of prominent flavour is exactly what makes it the perfect foundation on which to build a snack-y masterpiece.

Photo by paurian.

There is almost no limit to what you can pile on the cracker-like bread, so let your imagination run wild, but here are a few of my favourite matzo-toppers:

  • Nutella + huge, gorgeous flakes of Maldon sea salt = A simple, somewhat refined sweet treat
  • Butter + nutritional yeast + salt to taste = A strange looking, though extremely addicting savoury snack
  • Avocado + a couple of sheets of dried seaweed, crumbled + scallions = A trendy light lunch
  • Whipped goat cheese + fresh berries + a drizzle of good balsamic vinegar = A healthy-ish snack that almost feels like dessert
  • Chicken liver mousse + chopped cornichons = What I want for dinner tonight
  • Hummus + sliced cucumbers + Kalamata olives = A very good vegan option

If that all sounds like too much effort, just dip it and butter put it in your mouth. Matzo is a very good butter delivery system.