The Scrum Process [Infographic]

The Scrum Process [Infographic]
Image: Acklen Avenue

Anyone who has been looking for a job remotely connected to development will have seen an excess of “scrum” or “agile” roles being advertised. Here’s an infographic explaining the process that many startups have adopted.

It might not be able to spell everything right, but hey, neither can I. As long as they get their brackets in the right spots, right?

Of course, the full process is more complicated than what you see here, and people dedicate their whole careers now to this methodology, and we’re not minimising the expertise of a good scrum master. But it’s an overview for people who hadn’t encountered it before, or maybe watched Silicon Valley and wondered what was up with all the post-its.

Maybe next week we’ll have an infographic on middle-out compression?