The Most Money Lost To Gambling, By Country [Infographic]

The Most Money Lost To Gambling, By Country [Infographic]

Always punching above our weight, Aussies top this list of how much each grown citizen loses to the gambling industry every year. We don’t just win, we win emphatically.

Aussies are well above anyone else, beating Japan’s booming pachinko industry and Singapore easily. We win! Yay! Oh wait. Not yay. Anti-yay.

Of course, because of population size, other countries have higher overall gambling losses. But the amount lost per citizen is astounding. And it’s no surprise how much of that is to pokie machines.


    • That’s a very simplistic view of the problem. How do you view alcoholics or the drug addicted, it’s the same issue and it’s called a disease for good reason. The problem is that the Government is also addicted to the revenue they get, so, a vicious circle of greed and addiction really.

      • Hardly. Of the population of gamblers a small proportion would be diagnosed with a disease. The majority are fools who need to take responsibility for their actions. If they can afford it, great. If they can’t, stop.

  • Well that gives the government a promising start for instilling Australian Values

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