The 25 Most Expensive Vinyl Records On Earth [Infographic]

Image: iStock

Most people over a certain age have a bunch of vinyl records gathering dust in a wardrobe, trunk or suitcase. (It's how you separate Generation X and Baby Boomers from everyone else.) If your collection is still in mint condition, a few of them could be worth a few bucks. If you're an old school punk or Beatles fan, they could even be worth more than $10,000.

The following infographic ranks the 25 most expensive records on the collector's market - from the original A&M pressing of The Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen ($10,500+) to Kenny Dorham's jazz record Afro-Cuban ($2800+).

Okay, so the chances of you owning any of these is close to zilch - but the tidbits and factoids accompanying each entry still make for fascinating reading. If you're a millennial bred exclusively on digital music, be sure to check out your parents' collection the next time you visit home - you might hit pay dirt.

[Via Mr.Gamez]


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