Microsoft To Offer Windows For Low Cost Hardware

Microsoft To Offer Windows For Low Cost Hardware

A leaked product roadmap paints a picture of a billion computers running a simplified version of Windows 10 on low-cost hardware that leans on Microsoft’s cloud services. Is this a smart, strategic move or a race to the bottom?

A number of market segments have embraced low cost computers such as the Chromebook. My opinion is the arrival of the netbook a few years ago sent a signal that the market was hungry for hardware alternatives that didn’t cost he earth. At the same time, cloud services were becoming a viable alternative to traditional boxed software.

Microsoft’s play revolves around a low cost Surface device. Windows Central reported on a leaked document describing a computer running Windows 10 Cloud OS, which may go by the name “Windows 10 S.

While such a device might not appeal to business users, there’s some clear appeal to education and markets where massive amounts of computing power aren’t needed.

Can you a business for such a device in your business? Or do you think the local opportunities for this hardware/software combination are limited?