Mexico May Not Be The Best Holiday Destination Right Now

Mexico May Not Be The Best Holiday Destination Right Now

The US State Department recently renewed a travel warning to much of Mexico. Though it’s a more popular destination for Americans than Australians, if you were thinking of going there, you might want to make plans for another destination. If you already have a trip booked, here’s how to stay safe.

Image from Philms.

The US State Department warns to avoid nearly half of Mexico’s states due high levels of violence and crime. However, they also add that “tourist destinations in Mexico generally do not see the level of drug-related violence and crime”, so you’ll probably be fine if you stick to popular areas. You can check if the state you’re visiting is part of the warning, and what types of crimes to watch out for here. Some other ways to be proactive about your safety when travelling:

  • Be aware of common scams, like fake police asking to see your wallet or other valuables or those trying to steal your identity by calling your room and pretending to be the front desk staff.
  • Consider registering with Smarttraveller. If there is an emergency, Smarttraveller will help you the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to contact you or your family. You can also subscribe to travel advice updates to keep you in the loop on travel alerts and safety conditions for the area you’re in.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Ask your hotel staff or Airbnb host to point out any neighbourhoods you shouldn’t go to. Know the street and neighbourhood of the place you’re staying. Don’t flash money, valuable jewellery or electronics around on the street and be respectful of locals.

A holiday is a time when people typically let go and want to relax, but that doesn’t mean letting go of your common sense.

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