McKinsey Says Digital Integration Is Critical For Business Success

McKinsey Says Digital Integration Is Critical For Business Success

It’s a statement of the bleeding obvious but technology is an enabling force for companies that are trying to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The problem for technology managers is that other branches of management can be skeptical as they can feel IT teams are pushing their own agenda for the latest tech rather than what’s best for the business. That’s why a recent article from McKinsey is useful as it comes from a business, rather than technology, perspective.

McKinsey offers two pieces of advice.

  1. Shift from running uncoordinated efforts within siloes to launching an integrated operational-improvement program
  2. Shift from using individual technologies, operations capabilities, and approaches in a piecemeal manner inside siloes to applying them to journeys in combination and in the right sequence to achieve compound impact.

In other words, use tech to unite teams and bring together disparate processes that make life hard for customers.

The full article is worth a read, and I think, is a good one to share with management when you’re making the case for suggesting systems that cross traditional business borders.