IoT, Cloud, SaaS -Microsoft Wins Today’s Round Of Buzzword Bingo

IoT, Cloud, SaaS -Microsoft Wins Today’s Round Of Buzzword Bingo

Who doesn’t love a game of Buzzword Bingo? It seems that the folks in Redmond are keen to win, launching a new cloud-based SaaS for managing IoT devices. Microsoft IoT Central that claims it will reduce the complexity of IoT deployments.

Microsoft’s IoT blog says their new platform, built on Azure (that’s another item you can check on your bingo card) will be available along with their platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution (Bingo!) Azure IoT Suite.

Like many SaaS products, Microsoft says companies will be able to deploy complex solutions with little need for specific expertise. Which sounds great… unless something goes wrong I guess.

I think platforms like this a a good thing. IoT is complex and we’ve seen, through the Mirai botnet attacks last year, what can happen when IoT devices are unmanaged.

But I get worried when things that are really complex, like managing hundreds or thousands of endpoint devices, get abstracted down to a series of checkboxes and wizards.

Perhaps I’m getting too curmudgeonly for this world.