IKEA Is Now Selling Rechargeable Batteries

Image: IKEA

You can now buy rechargeable batteries and charging stations from IKEA, as part of a new range designed to be stylish enough to be left out in the open at home.

You can buy 4-packs of rechargeable batteries now from IKEA starting at $4.49, and the same 4-pack with batteries that will last longer for $8.99. There's even a cheap charger going for $4. That's cheap enough to not even need to calculate how many rechargeable batteries it'd take for the scheme to pay for itself.

Image: IKEA

The $4 charger is quite small and portable (with a USB port), while there's also a $40 charger which can handle 12 at once, and is designed to look like a book, at home on a bookshelf or coffee table.

IKEA is claiming these batteries can be recharged 1,500 times. There's no telling how well they'll perform until we actually try them, but at least the price is right. And even if they don't last for ages, it's still a perfect setup for items you'll always use at home, such as a remote control or Playstation controller.

Image: IKEA


    This is not new, I've had the Book style charger since Chirstmas, and the batteries have been out longer than that.

    They are also widely reported as being made at the same facility/rebadged as Eneloop.

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